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We believe every space deserves well thought out planning and a great look.
This platform is our sprinkle of happiness through interior design that\'s affordable and fast.

Buy one of our virtual design consultation sessions and get your space designed by our team of vibrant,
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Design Packages & Services

Color, light, Wow!

Lighting and Color are important elements of design. They set the ambience and can easily turn your space from drab to WOW! Let\'s help you bring together all the elements to create a stylish, desirable space.

Video call or Phone consultation
Concept board and color scheme (Mood Board)
Wall finish and material selection
Lighting Selection
N15,500 | $58

for rooms 20 square meter or less: Each additional sqm costs

₦1,600 | $6

Give your space a lift!

If your space needs a face-lift, with this package, we will advice on space planning, color scheme, select furniture, light fittings and wall finishes. No one needs to know you got some help with your DIY project. Your secret is safe with us!

Video call or Phone consultation
Concept board and color scheme (MOOD BOARD)
Floor plan arrangement (Space Planning)
Wall Finish and Material Selection
Lighting Layout and Selection
₦37,500 | $141

for rooms 20 square meter or less: Each additional sqm costs

₦2,200 | $8

Turn your space around!

With a more hands on approach, this package includes advice on space planning: furniture, fittings, wall colors, textures, lighting and ambience, and flooring. It also includes clear guide on how to put it all together.

Video call or Phone consultation
Wall finish and material selection
Floor plan arrangement (Space Planning)
A simple guide on design implementation
Mood Board, Color schemes (MOOD BOARD)
Lighting and Furniture Selection
3D representation (1 view)
Suggested local retailers of all items suggested
₦65,200 | $244

for rooms 20 square meter or less: Each additional sqm costs

₦3,300 | $12

We can shop for you!

No time to select furniture and fittings for your home or office? We will do just that for you. All furniture selections, light fixtures, art and accessories can come right to your doorstep.

Client to provide detailed floor plan with measurement and photos of space
Client must provide budget in order for consultation to take place
Purchase and Delivery of items will happen only after FULL payment is made

₦7,500 | $34 per square meter for the Color, Light, Texture package

₦8,500 | $38 per square meter for the Mini-Spacial package

₦9,500 | $43 per square meter for the The Spacial lift package



Give the gift of happiness to a friend or loved one - our design packages will make a lovely wedding gift, birthday gift, baby welcome gift, welcome to college gift to a young adult moving into the dorms or a \'just because\' gift! Your loved one will love you more! :-)

The ultimate happy gift : give a gift of true happiness to a person you don\'t even know - with each package you buy, Eteriors spaces gives 5% of our proceeds to renowned charity which focus on restoring homes of displaced persons! Want to give more?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I measure my space?
A. Please see our "MEASURE MY ROOM Guide"

Q. How long will my project take?
A. Each project takes a 10-14 working days after clients submittals have been approved and properly understood (or else otherwise mentioned)

Q. How many rooms can I design in one session
A. As many as you’d like – 20 sq mt is about the size of the average living room

Q. How will you know what I like?
A. Once you have filled out our questionnaire, it will give us a sense of what your style is.

Q. Can I give your services as a gift?
A. Yes, certainly....Eterior Spaces gift of happiness makes for a perfect gift for a new born, wedding, a young adult moving to the dorms or just because...

Q. Can I get a designer to come and look at the space?
A. No, not for the Eterior Spaces services. However, should you require an Interior designer please send us an email at - we will be happy to direct you!

Q. Where can I buy the items recommended?
A. All of the items can be sourced abroad and locally - we are also happy to help with our procurement services

Q. Do you design Kitchen and Bathrooms
A. No, we don’t (at least not yet!)

Q. Can I see pictures of projects you have done before?
A. Yes, please visit Our Portfolio

Q. Is there a rush service?
A. No, we do not offer rush services

Q. What if I don’t like something you select for my room?
A. That’s absolutely fine! We are happy to take a 2nd go at your space!

Q. What Charities does Eterior Spaces donate to?
A. Our focus is on creating Happy Spaces - We donate to any renowned charity working on restoring the homes of displaced persons

Q. Can I get a refund?
A. Eterior Spaces will work hard to ensure that you leave this transaction feeling happy - we will always take a second stab at your space to ensure you are comfortable with the direction - We however, do not give refunds.

Q. Do I need to provide my budget?
A. You only need to provide one when you opt for our procurement services

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